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The birth of Eciana's SWEET Kreations ... 

Being  a people person, self-motivator and loving to entertain brought about Eciana’s SWEET Kreations. Growing up I, Eciana Gordon watched my parents work in the corporate world. Once I began to have kids I knew I had to make a life for myself and kids. 

I went to college earned a Bachelors in Business Management and maintained a corporate job. 

In 2015 I was unexpectedly laid off. My youngest daughter’s birthday was approaching shortly after and I had big plans for her party but GOD had other plans. I wanted her party to be perfect so I began to watch YouTube videos to learn how to make treats, etc. I stepped out on faith made all the treats for over 25 kids, I was nervous but I did it. Everyone was asking “who made this and that this is delicious”. 

No one believed that I had that type of talent, not even me. My mom and close friend encouraged me to start my own business making treats. I never saw this for myself because I didn’t have any knowledge of owning my own business or being an entrepreneur.  So I leaped out on faith and did just that. 

With the skills I learned by studying  at the Culinary Institute Lenotre I am now an independent business owner and I absolutely love it! 

I dedicate my work to my kids and grandkids, they are my motivation for everything that I do in life.